Our Services

Aerial filming and photography with drones - the possibilities are endless.
We offer up to 4K video and our photos are all shot as RAW images. Editing of video and photos is available and full unedited files are included on request.
Whether it's a wedding or a private party, we can capture all the fun and celebrations to add to your special memories. Or if it's a local show or music event, our video footage is perfect for your next marketing campaign.
We can assist real estate agents with aerial views and video walk-throughs of properties and help large property owners keep track of property damage or supply large area maps and 3D models.
With short videos to build a commercial and high quality photos, we can give you all you need to promote that great travel destination.

Aerial Mapping & 3D Modelling

Mapping an area too large for a single picture has never been easier.
Googong Dam wall
Real estate photo of house

Real Estate &
Property Inspections

Sell your house with a walk-through video.

Ceremonies, Events & Festivals

Unique images and video that only a drone can take.
Aerial photo of bride lying on grass
Aerial photo of beach

Travel Vlogs,
Commercials & Videos

With automatic subject focus, videos never looked better.

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